13 Things Good Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew – Demystifying the Doctor Patient Relationship

Demystifying the Doctor Patient Relationship

A few days ago I happened upon a blog post that’s had me thinking ever since. The author of the post and I both had one of our articles mentioned on a roundup of inspiring blog posts (a real honor!) It is a beautifully written letter of gratitude from a young woman to her surgeon six years after a surgery that changed the direction of her life. The thing that struck me is that she wasn’t sure she was worthy of what he’d done for her (he did the surgery gratis), and she wasn’t sure he’d ever see the letter (she mailed him a copy, of course) or care. As a physician (retired, but still), this made my heart ache. And it got me thinking…the doctor patient relationship is an almost ubiquitous first-world human experience, but I think that most patients have misconceptions about how that relationship is perceived from the other side. I want to clear up a few things, so I’ve decided to give you a rundown of the things good doctors wish patients knew.

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