My 10 Favorite Things (well, 11) from Amazon

My 10 Favorite Things (well, 11) from Amazon

My 11 Amazon Favorites

I was searching for an old Amazon order recently and noticed that ALL of our Amazon orders since 2004 are still in the system. Looking back on those orders was like opening a time capsule into the last 13 years of our lives. In 2004, I ordered a mesh crib bumper pad. Ugly but safe.

mesh crib bumper; amazon favorites

That was the baby phase. In 2005, I ordered The Kite Runner for one of our very first book club meetings, still one of my favorite selections all these years later. In 2006, a sit and stand tandem stroller. The girls are on the move. In 2009, a book about how to train dogs. Enter Flossie.

puppy; amazon favorites

2012 was the year of the house remodel. Light fixtures and door hardware. Boring but beautiful. There were optical illusion books and swim goggles, ankle braces and cat doors. In all, we have placed 788 Amazon orders. And that includes the pre-prime years when I used to wait until my cart had 27 or so items before I pulled the trigger to save on shipping. I refuse to calculate a dollar total. I’m sure I’d pass right out. I love life-hacks and am always excited when someone shares a great find with me, so I thought you might like to see what my top Amazon purchases list looks like.

Before we start, I want to mention that I am including links just so you can go and look. I am not receiving kickbacks from Amazon. I am too lazy to figure out how to do that, but even if I knew how, I wouldn’t do that to you!

My amazon favorites
  1. Mr. Cheese O’s: These are little bite sized parmesan snacks that have 10 grams of protein per bag. It’s hard to find snacks to grab that don’t require refrigeration and contain enough protein to prevent me from turning into the female version of the incredible hulk. It’s basically these or beef jerky. Period. And these are easier to chew. Also, they are delicious. Salty and crunchy and taste like a real treat.Mr. Cheese O's; amazon favorites
  2. Instant pot and cookbook: The Instant Pot is an electric miracle that looks like a crockpot but is actually a pressure cooker. This baby can turn frozen chicken breasts into flavorful, tender cooked chicken in 20 minutes! And the cookbook has great recipes and easy to follow instructions. Mine is well loved and all marked up and I’ve only had it since the Black Friday Amazon sale. Pot roast to die for, risotto which we love but can’t cook at this altitude any other way, super quick yummy red beans and rice. I could go on and on. Get one! But don’t pay full price. I got mine for $68.95. Instant Pot; amazon favorites
  3. Dash button: Ok, this is more a category than single item because you may not use Greenies dog treats, but bear with me. I only give Flossie a treat when I am heading to bed (half asleep) or heading out the door (late). These are very inconvenient times to realize we are low on dog treats, so we kept running out before it’d make it to my to-do list or the amazon shopping cart. Poor Flossie! My kids bought me a dash button and set it up for me. Now, when we are running low, all I have to do is push the button that is right next to the treats in the drawer, and voila! Dog treats arrive a few days later. They have dash buttons for laundry detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste, snack food, ziplocks, you name it! This is by no means a necessity, but it solved a frustration for me and I love it. dash buttons; amazon favorites
  4. Hydroflasks: These are vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles. We each have one. I fill them with ice and water before we go camping, and the ice lasts more or less all weekend as you refill with water. They are expensive but worth it if you are a thirsty hot family like we are. And I don’t hand wash them. Ours go through the dishwasher and have held up fine. hydro flask; amazon favorites
  5. Poo-pourri: This is a toilet spray. You spray it directly on the toilet water before you go and it prevents badness. It works, and the bottle is pretty. They also make a tiny purse-sized on the go container that I think is hilarious and genius.poo-pourri; amazon favorites
  6. Brass seam ripper: If you sew or have ever ripped a seam, this thing is worth the twenty dollars. It is so much better than that plastic number you got out of your Grandma’s sewing basket or bought at Walmart. It rips seams like butter. I use it every time I sew. I make a lot of mistakes. brass seam ripper; amazon favorites
  7. Baby foot exfoliant foot peel: Baby foot is a foot mask that you put on like surgical booties, wear for an hour, and wash off. After three days, your feet start peeling and all of the dry skin sloughs off over the next few days. It’s gross and weird and awesome. Do not do this during sandal season. Your feet look terrible while they are peeling. I made this mistake last summer and got some real looks of concern I could have lived without. You’ll need to wear socks for about a week to hide that mess. I first learned about this crazy product here on this girlfriend’s gift foot; amazon favorites
  8. Studio Oh journals: These are blank journals that actually lie completely flat when opened due to the design of their exposed spines. It’s revolutionary! And the cover art is whimsical and beautiful with great font oh journal; amazon favorites
  9. Onion goggles: I love to dazzle Scott with my beauty when he arrives home and I’m cooking and turn around in these. I look so funny! But they really work for me. Wearing these makes the difference between my eyes and nose running like a river and total normalcy. It depends on the shape of your head, though. Delaney prefers to slice onions in her swim goggles. Which is why I keep finding them in the kitchen. I don’t complain because it means she cooked! onion goggles; amazon favorites
  10. Papaya Art tote bag: This super cute purse is the perfect size and shape for travel because you can throw your wallet and sunglasses in there and still fit water bottles, umbrellas, food, or whatever else your family needs while out. You might feel like a beast of burden totally prepared mom, but you’ll look like a lady with a cute bag! Until you mistakenly think you left it in the airport bathroom in Chicago, and then you’ll look like a lunatic. Don’t ask how I know. papaya art tote bag; amazon favorites
  11. Telestrations: This is a party game. It causes fits of laughter no matter who you are or who you play with. It’s a combination of pictionary (without everyone staring at you while you draw) and the old fashioned game of telephone (with all of the miscommunication hilarity) all rolled into an easy to play game for all ages. We played it with our whole huge family on New Years and had such a blast. Here is a sample of my work:telestrations; amazon favoritesThe phrase I was illustrating was “drunk dancer.”  Here’s a Pinterest board with some other examples. Trust me. You have to have it!

And there it is! Our top 11.

What are your must-haves?



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