My 10 Favorite Things (well, 11) from Amazon

I was searching for an old Amazon order recently and noticed that ALL of our Amazon orders since 2004 are still in the system. Looking back on those orders was like opening a time capsule into the last 13 years of our lives. In 2004, I ordered a mesh crib bumper pad. Ugly but safe.


That was the baby phase. In 2005, I ordered The Kite Runner for one of our very first book club meetings, still one of my favorite selections all these years later. In 2006, a sit and stand tandem stroller. The girls are on the move. In 2009, a book about how to train dogs. Enter Flossie.


2012 was the year of the house remodel. Light fixtures and door hardware. Boring but beautiful. There were optical illusion books and swim goggles, ankle braces and cat doors. In all, we have placed 788 Amazon orders. And that includes the pre-prime years when I used to wait until my cart had 27 or so items before I pulled the trigger to save on shipping. I refuse to calculate a dollar total. I’m sure I’d pass right out. I love life-hacks and am always excited when someone shares a great find with me, so I thought you might like to see what my top Amazon purchases list looks like.

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The Tweedles and Other Sewing Successes and Fails

Some of my favorite things in life have been things at which I’m not very good. I loved gymnastics growing up even though I was a head taller than the rest of the team and about as graceful as a toddler. It was so much fun to see what I could make my body do and a thrill to fly through the air and manage to land safely. I loved the challenge, the feeling of power, the complexity of it, the competition against myself to always improve, the camaraderie of suffering through 4 hour workouts with my best friends. I also love riding a bike even though I almost fell off a cliff once when Scott and I were dating and I thought ┬áit would be no problem to ride down a single track at break-neck speed with no experience or skill. I ended up clinging to a sappling for dear life and we decided it would be best if I walked my bike the rest of the way. Fail. I haven’t ridden much in my adult life. Still, every time I see someone dreamily peddling down a tree-lined street on TV, I remember that I am a bicycle lover at heart and make secret plans to get back to it. I also love to sew.

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