Fancy Free Podcast Season 1

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1. Joanne Jarrett Gets Stuck in a Dress at Dillard’s

My story of getting stuck in a dress in Dillard’s will have you laughing, cringing, and relating. You just HAVE to hear it! To learn more about me, check out my blog.

Loopy Cases are highlighted this week. They are easy to hold onto, look great, and are not cumbersome in a pocket or purse. Take a look!

Use “Search Tools” to dial in a time frame for Google search results when searching for something time sensitive. Type in your search term, click “search tools”, click “any time” to pull down the time frame menu, and choose a time frame! Now, if you already knew this, you are probably under 35 or are really techy. Let the rest of us revel in our newfound knowledge. 🙂

My Mug

The Dress

The dress

My Loopy Case     

Loopy Case

2. Keri Fishel, Wardrobe Malfunctions, and Other Teacher Mishaps

Keri Fishel, a fourth grade teacher from Nevada, tells us about some funny, embarrassing, crazy workplace mishaps. You will HOWL! Keri also shares the best way she knows to encourage good behavior in her students. The thing I’m loving this week is Evy’s Tree, an online boutique that sells their own line of unique hoodies and other affordable luxury clothes for women. Keri also tells us about her craziest coincidence.

This photo of Keri was taken after she got off of the bus in NYC, backpack, pee pants, and all.

Check out Evy’s Tree here:

3. Meg Duncan, What Happens When Your Doctor is Your Neighbor, and her book Life on Saturn: A Lifetime of Grace in Unexpected Places

Meg Duncan tells us about some funny experiences with her OB/Gyn doctor. She also tells us about her book Life on Saturn: A Lifetime of Grace in Unexpected Places. Meg also gives us some wonderful advice about how to deal with conflict.

Buy Meg’s touching, funny, and insightful book here:

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Bonus: Karen Jagoda of the Empowered Patient Podcast – What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew

Karen Jagoda of the Empowered Patient Podcast interviews me about the article that I wrote on my blog, 13 Things Good Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew.

Find the original episode here:

Check out all of Karen’s interviews here:

Find the article on my blog here:

Bonus: Meg Duncan Tells Us About the Crazy Prank Her Husband Played on Her

Meg Duncan tells us about a crazy prank her husband played on her in high school. She also  reads us an excerpt from her book Life on Saturn: A Lifetime of Grace in Unexpected Places. 

I share a recent amazon find of wireless bluetooth earbuds that stay in and connected even during a long run. I LOVE them and you will too!
Meg Duncan

Buy Meg’s touching, funny, and insightful book here:

Find Meg on Facebook on her page Meg Duncan – What a Life here:

Or on her website here:

4. Heather Neal on How Not to Get a Job and How to Have a Baby

Heather Neal tells a truly blush-worthy story about her first post-graduate resume and a funny story about the birth of her second child. She also shares some amazing advice on how to approach adversity and gives us a quick teaser on three must-read books. You can learn more about Heather’s journey with Crohn’s disease here, and here.

Heather’s Picks:

Where the Crawdads SingFrom Scratch, and Educated

Check out Jenny Mecher’s work at Three Letter Birds!

Check out Brandon Matias’ music here.

5. Mackenzie Campanile on Road Rage, Campus, and How to Pump Gas

Bonus: My Heart to Heart with Mackenzie Campanile

6. Dr. Lizzie Ross and the Things You Never Think Will Happen at Work

7. Isha Casagrande on How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

8. Deanna Mason Tells of Some Humbling Parenting Moments and the Case of the Missing GPS

9. Donna Komar, How Not to Send an Email, and How to Break Your Nose

10. What Made Amanda Eddy Think Her New Car Was a Lemon?

11. Carolanne Miljavac on How to Fight with Your Husband

Bonus: Carolanne Miljavac on How to Say Yes to Your Calling

12. Amanda Beauchamp On How To Abuse Your Phone

13. Dr. Lulu on How to Stand Out at a Fashion Show

14. Celeste Yvonne on Alcohol, Baby Showers, and Poop

15. Mandy Campbell on How to Deal with Pregnancy Brain

16. Kristen Gardiner on the Crazy Way to Get a Gas Station Souvenir

17. Chelsea Ohlemiller on How to Embarrass Yourself Running a Race

18. Lorena Tomasini on How to Handle an Awkward Situation

19. Ana Bright on How to Ruin Your Honeymoon

20. Brittany Fullmer on How to Steal the Declaration of Independence

21. Charmaine Gregory on How to Make Your Engagement Smoking Hot

22. Sandra Samoska on How to Deal with Dog Romance

Sandra Samoska tells us how she dealt with her dogs having a romantic interlude that went on too long. She is loving her T-shirt that says “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” She shares with a a crazy coincidence and the best advice she’s ever been given. 

Find Sandra on her blog, Outnumbered by Sandra Samoska.

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Sandra Samoska on How to Deal with Dog Romance

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23. Esther Goetz on How to Embarrass a Tipsy Teenager