How to Give and Ask for Something Everyone Will Love! A Gift Guide.

How to Give and Ask for Something Everyone Will Love! A Gift Guide.

Gift Giving Made Easy!

You guys! One of the most stressful things about the Christmas season is figuring out awesome gifts for all of the people you want to tickle pink. BUT, on the flip side, one of the BEST parts of Christmas is that giddy feeling you get when you anticipate giving the perfect gift to your loved one once you’ve figured out what that is and procured it! I LOVE that feeling. Anticipatory joy! That’s the GOOD STUFF!!! So, I am here to help you land that feeling for all of the people on your list this year. It’ll also help you to answer that dreaded question of “What do you want for Christmas?” Now, bookmark this post, because this is the gift that keeps on giving! You can refer back to it for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, you name it! I love a good gift guide!

Now, you KNOW I’m way too lazy to figure out that whole affiliate link thing, so, in case you were wondering, the answer is “No,” I’m not receiving anything for suggesting these gifts. Well, yes I am. The satisfaction of helping. I’m kind of a weirdo/pathological helper, so it feels really good to help you tamp down that gift-giving panic and enjoy Christmas for what it’s really about. Redemption. Undeserved rescue. Unconditional love. Identity. Well, obviously I could go on and on. If you want to hear more about that, check out this post I wrote a while back on a song called What If, the Intersection of Faith and Doubt.

Ok, back to the goodies! Here are 24 gifts that will be “the perfect thing!” And, if you want to peruse my last gift guide, there are some FABULOUS things there too!

1. Three Letter Birds Print or Cards!-a-gift-guide/? | Three Letter Birds

I have been following Jenny of Three Letter Birds since I heard her interviewed on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast over a year ago. Her art is fun, bright, and whimsical! And she is the artist who made my Fancy Free Podcast cover art, so obviously, I LOVE her! She does AMAZING hand lettering and her prints are perfect gifts. You’ve GOT to check them out! Here is her store, and just because I love it so much, here is her adorable booth at her last show.

2. Monikers!-a-gift-guide/? | Monikers

This is a game off of a gift guide from my favorite blog, Cup of Jo. This sounds like the kind of game you want to have around in case you are entertaining and the dreaded lull befalls the party. (And I think it would be especially funny if you were giving it to someone named Monica.) One of my top pieces of entertaining advice is to have a great crowd-pleasing, laugh-out-loud game in your back pocket any time you entertain. (To read the rest of my tips, go here).

3. Athleta Leggings!-a-gift-guide/? | Athleta Leggings

These are comfortable, flattering, have phone pockets on the outer thigh (the ONLY good spot!), hold up to washing (we air dry them), are thick enough to avoid undesired booty sightings and are just pricey enough that they are hard to justify buying for yourself. Therefore, they make the perfect gift! And they come in so many colors and patterns. We got these for our girls last year at Christmas and shoved them into the toe of their stockings. They were such a hit that we bought them more for Valentine’s day, and they get worn all. The. TIME! I’ll have you know that all of my exercise leggings are from Old Navy because I am too cheap to buy these for myself, so HINT HINT (size L, please)!

4. Vorcsbine Ear Buds!-a-gift-guide/? | Vorcsbine Ear Buds

These are bluetooth, wireless fabulousness. They have a charging case just like AirPods (so 18 hour charge total), but they are a quarter of the price and stay in my ears even through a 10 mile run without feeling uncomfortable. LOVE these!!!

5. Dyson Stick Vacuum!-a-gift-guide/? | Dyson Vacuum

This is my favorite new possession of the year! It’s a cordless, lightweight, but super powerful vacuum. I’m in loooooove!!! (You know you are a full on grown up when…) Put this on your Christmas list RIGHT NOW!!!

6. Amanda Deer Jewelry!-a-gift-guide/? | Amanda Deer Jewelry

I interviewed Amanda Deer’s owner for my podcast (here is her episode) this year and have been buying her jewelry since 2014. It’s dainty, high quality, reasonably priced jewelry that you will LOVE! Her most popular piece is the stars and moon necklace which would be the perfect gift for someone who lives far from you or who is moving away soon (like your teenage daughters). She has all kinds of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that any girl or woman would love and wear again and again.

7. Willow Tree Nativity Scene!-a-gift-guide/? | Willow Tree Nativity Scene

My girlfriend, AnneMare, has this and it is a SHOW STOPPER! So delicate, understated, and sweet. I especially love the trees and angels, but also, Mary is holding Jesus, and it’s just so simple but gripping. You can find them new or used (on eBay) and can buy the set or individual pieces.

8. Gift of Podcast!-a-gift-guide/? | Gift of Podcast

Now, this costs ZERO dollars! But it can be a very thoughtful and much loved gift. If you love podcasts and have someone on your list that you know would love podcasts but hasn’t quite entered that world yet, this is a certificate you print and complete. It has instructions on how to listen to podcasts and a place for you to suggest the perfect podcast for your recipient. If you need ideas, check out these articles I wrote on my favorites: 8 Awesome Podcasts I Hope Never End and Podcasts: A How to and My Favorites.

9. Odd(ly) Enough- Standing Out When the World Begs You to Fit In book and Odd(ly) Enough Devotional!-a-gift-guide/? | Oddly Enough

I discovered Carolanne Miljavac this year, and she keeps me both laughing my head off and thinking deeply, my favorite combination! She is an internet comedian and author. Her videos are HILARIOUS and her books are both funny and enriching. AND, she AMAZED me by allowing me to interview her for my podcast (I was fangirling SO BAD!) and told some really funny stories about parenting and marriage (here and here are her episodes). Now, I haven’t read Odd(ly) Enough yet, but I’ve heard so much about it and want this myself for Christmas, so this is another HINT.

10. Color Street Nail Strips!-a-gift-guide/? | Color Streeet

Since moving to Montana, I have given up my professional manicures. But I HAVE to do something with my nails because otherwise, I am a mess. But I don’t have the skills to polish my nails myself, and even if I did, I get bored with plain polish. Enter Color Street Nail Strips. OH MY GOSH! My girls and I are ADDICTED!!! They are so cute, easy to apply, and last 2 weeks. Even longer on toes. These would be great stocking stuffers or birthday party gifts. They are always a hit. I buy them in bulk, and then when my girls need to give a girlfriend a gift, they just “shop” my stash. Brilliant!

11. Zucchini Noodler!-a-gift-guide/? | Zucchini Noodler

In my Facebook Group for my podcast, I asked the group what their favorite purchase this year has been as one of our “Question of the Week” posts (this group is SO much fun!!! You should join). Many agreed on this item, so that’s a no-brainer! I don’t have one, but I DO want one! This one, to be exact.

12. Green Pans!-a-gift-guide/? | Green Pans

OK, this is another suggestion from the “what is your favorite purchase this year” question. My girlfriend, Amanda, says these are the world’s best nonstick pans, and I need some!

13. Savor Keepsake Box!-a-gift-guide/? | Savor Keepsake Box

This is a recommendation from Clare Kindness, and I think it is SUCH a neat idea! These boxes have little drawers for keepsakes and fold up to fit on a bookshelf with your photo albums. They have boxes specifically for babies and weddings, but the drawers are unlabelled (they come with labels you can stick on), so I think armed with a label maker (one of my other favorite possessions), the possibilities are ENDLESS!

14. Personalized View Master!-a-gift-guide/? | Personalized View Master

Remember View Masters!!! Classic toy! Well, now you can get them with reels that contain YOUR photos. So fun! Kind of a novelty item, but more special because the photos are personalized. This would be a GREAT stocking stuffer.

15. Spotify Premium Subscription!-a-gift-guide/? | Spotify Premium

We gave our girls a subscription to this last year for Christmas, and they LOVE it! It’s something they use daily. We went with the family plan which seemed more cost effective if more than one person will use it. And it’s a real bonus that it’s not a THING that clutters the house!

16. Deluxe Cooking Blender from Pampered Chef!-a-gift-guide/? | Cooking Blender

This is a big ticket item for anyone who cooks. My girlfriend, Kathy, says this is the thing she didn’t know she always needed. A blender that COOKS!!! She makes jam, soup, peanut butter, smoothies…she says, “I feel like Judy Jetson crossed with Pioneer Woman!” So cute!

17. Karaoke Microphone!-a-gift-guide/? | Karaoke Microphone

This idea comes from my daughter’s friend, Alyssa. She got one a couple of years ago and LOVES singing with it. We got them for our girls last year, and these are a CROWD pleaser! We have some priceless family videos from last year when we were all hanging around after the big day. You just connect it to your phone, and you can sing any karaoke song you can think of! And I couldn’t believe how inexpensive they were. BIG bang for the buck! I think this would be a GREAT gift exchange party gift. Fun for everyone!

18. Heated Stadium Seat!-a-gift-guide/? | Heated Stadium Seat

Now, my buns get COLD! And they stay cold! Such a shame for me when I have to sit outside and watch a softball game before the snow has melted. I have my eye on one of these this year. (Clears throat.) Unless they live in the tropics, who wouldn’t want one?!

19. ¾ Sheet Pan!-a-gift-guide/? | 3/4 sheet pan

Now, before you dislocate your jaw yawning from the boredom of this suggestion, think about who in your life bakes cookies. This will significantly change that experience for them for the better. As a cookie baker myself, I always wondered why cookie sheets that actually fill the oven rack didn’t exist. Well, THEY DO!!! These aren’t the huge commercial size. Those only fit in a commercial sized oven. But those dumb run of the mill cookies sheets we all have in our kitchens are TOO small. THESE are in between, and I need like 4 of these ASAP!

20. Massage Gift Certificate!-a-gift-guide/? | Massage

This is just a nice way to send someone to a completely guilt-free massage. And if you can ask them to include gratuity, then it can also be completely wallet free!

21. (Fill in a food) of the month subscription (bacon, pickle, ice cream, tea, cheese, jam, chocolate, MACARON!!! (yes, please), or anything you can dream up!-a-gift-guide/? | Blank of the Month Subscription

Now, you may be able to satisfy practically your entire list with just this one suggestion! You’re welcome!

22. Isha Inspired Style Box!-a-gift-guide/? | Isha Inspired Box

Isha is an amazing stylist who has a really flexible, spot-on subscription box that she TOTALLY tailors to each client. This is my dream gift! Which I’ll be buying for myself starting in January.

23. Costco Movie Pass!-a-gift-guide/? | Movie Pass

This is perfect for almost anyone who is old enough that they pay their own way at movies. Movies are so much fun, but MAN they are EXPENSIVE! The wallet gouge dulls some of the excitement. You can alleviate that by gifting a pass! This is more that just a movie gift certificate!

24. Hunter Boots!-a-gift-guide/? | Hunter Boots

Hunter has boots for men, women, and kids. I got a pair last year from my in-laws (<3), and I LOVE them! And my 16 year old daughter loves steals them! Now I need some boot inserts (tall)! I think these make a great combo gift!

And there you have it! 24 things you can buy or ask for that will make this year a year to remember! What are you hoping to get? What have you found to give that is giving you that wonderful anticipatory joy? I’d LOVE to hear from you!!!

  • Clare says:

    Shut up and take my money! Thank you for this. I’m adding the hunter boots to my wish list on Pinterest! Happy holidays to you and yours and to all your lovely guests! I can’t tell you what a kick I’ve gotten out of the stuff Carolanne is pumping out on her Facebook page. I mean dang!

  • Ali says:

    This is a great list! I’m realllyyy hoping Santa brings me a nespresso machine!

    • cozyclothesblog says:

      Oooh! I don’t even know what that is!? May end up being something I never knew I couldn’t live without! Thanks for reading and commenting!!!??

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  • […] How to Give and Ask for Something Everyone Will Love! A Gift Guide […]

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