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Laundry Room Before and After

Launtry Room Before and After | https:/cozyclothesblog.com

Laundry Room Before and After

Laundry Room Before and After

Launtry Room Before and After | https:/cozyclothesblog.com

Does this look familiar? I live in my laundry room. I am a folding sage. I feel like it might be the thing in life with which I have the very most experience next to sleep. With four of us and our various activities, laundry is a constant. I love language and puns and rhymes and alliteration, so I’ll lay one of my sayings on you now that never fails to make the eyes of one or both of my daughters roll into their sockets. It’s laundry quandary. If I am overwhelmed with baskets and baskets of clean laundry that are awaiting folding, I say I am in a laundry quandary. When my kitchen is overwhelmed with dishes that need to be done, I say I’ve got dishues. I crack myself up! Anyway, another quandary is how to keep clean laundry from falling out of those overfilled baskets and landing behind the washer and dryer. This happens so often that I resorted to keeping Scott’s gigantic outdoor sized barbecue tongs in the laundry cabinet. When something goes down, I get the tongs, hike myself up tall, lay over the top of the dryer like someone who put their belly where their bottom goes in the saddle of a horse and reach down there into the dusty abyss to retrieve the lost item which is now full of lint and needs to be rewashed. The last time this happened, I had an idea! And because I LOVE a good before and after, I figured I’d share!

I decided Scott and I should build a table to go over the washer and dryer. And then I wanted it right that minute.  But these things take time. I was having trouble explaining exactly what I wanted, and he kept asking me technical questions (uh, that’s his territory, eye roll), so I made this awful, fun house mirror drawing. If looking at it makes you car sick, I am so sorry. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a moment and you’ll be fine. Now scroll past it real fast! The laundry room before and after will be worth it!

Launtry Room Before and After | https:/cozyclothesblog.com

We decided to make the top and sides out of leftover floor boards which are wide plank white oak. I wanted the top to look kind of like a dry sink (I love antiques!) which I thought might also help contain the masses.  We thought we were going to be able to have a go at turning our own legs with the used Shopsmith we bought off of Craigslist, but it turns out the legs we needed were too long, so I ordered bar length legs from TableLegs.com.

The floor boards are from years ago and got a little warped in storage, so I sanded the top for three hours for which I am still paying in the way of bilateral tennis elbow. Four. Months. Later. But it was worth it.

Look! We are so proud! And it is really so much more functional and nice looking. I love it!

laundry after

The little box in the corner has to be there to accommodate the hoses and make them accessible. But I think it adds character. That dangly thing hanging from the hanger is a decoration my girls made me years ago out of tin foil shaped into a heart accessorized with ribbons. It has since been killed by our new cats, may it rest in peace. I did save the ribbons, though. I have a ribbon problem (other problems include wrapping paper, fabric, and scrapbook paper), but that’s another whole blog post! If you love giving a beatuiful gift but have a hard time finding that perfect gift, check out my gift guides from 2017 and 2019. I digress.

So here’s the progression:


What do you think?

Were you inspired by this laundry room before and after? What’s your next project?

Laundry Room Before and After | https:/cozyclothesblog.com
  • Debbie Hibbard says:

    I love the work table idea. It looks amazing.

  • Kimberley Pisane says:

    What a creative fix!
    Not only is it functional, but it’s incredibly decorative. I want one too!!!
    I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  • Keri says:

    I love it!!! If only my laundry room was big enough!?

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