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Shelfie Shoppe is Live!!! It’s What to Wear in the No Bra Zone!

Shelfie Shoppe is Live!!! It’s What to Wear in the No Bra Zone!

The Problem

I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t want to rip off her underwire bra the minute she walks through her door. But I also don’t know many who are totally comfortable hanging around with NO support and coverage. I mean, what if the doorbell rings, God forbid?! What if your kids have friends over? After years of googling “shelf bra pajamas” and “shelf bra nightgown” and coming up with nothing except slinky lingerie (please!!! Who wants to deal with their dishues in slinky lingerie? Sheesh!), I had no choice by to take matters in my own hands!

Clothes hanging in closet with bra

The Solution

We need a little coverage and support despite that fact that the bra is “off the team” at home. I had discovered shelf-bra camis and began wearing them as loungewear and pajamas. I could never figure out why this concept wasn’t expanded into other pieces. I envisioned something that feels and looks great to wear in the no-bra-zone but that is fit for public consumption should the need arise (I know I’m not the only one who occasionally wears my pajamas to school drop-off!).

I designed and made the first prototype of Shelfies in my home sewing room. I named them Shelfies because of the “shelf bra” inside layer. All women know what this is, but the term baffles men, which is ok! This stuff is for women! And not all shelf bras are created equally, if you know what I mean. I set out to design the perfectly soft but flattering shelf that has just enough thickness for coverage (no one needs a push up or 1 inch thick cup at home!) and enough separation to look great (to avoid that loaf-of-bread look). I drew up the six pieces I wanted in my at-home wardrobe and then worked with a specialty pattern maker. We came up with soft, cozy clothes with the perfect amount of support and coverage, and each outfit has a phone pocket!

Shelfies, for the No Bra Zone

The Back Story

I have written some blog posts about the process along the way. If you are curious about the process I went through between the initial idea and the first pattern, you can check that out here. To learn more about my journey to a trademark, read this article (don’t worry, it’ short). To hear more about the pieces in the collection, the patterns, the fabrics, and the fit samples, click here. And to see a quick recap of the photo shoot, jump over to this article. It has been so much fun! I told Scott that I think I have earned at least a few honorary degrees. I’ve taken many classes, both online and in person (in SanFrancisco and Oakland), and I have done a ton of googling. I’m like a whole extra person now!

The Launch

After way more work than I ever could have anticipated, the Shelfie Shoppe Kickstarter campaign is live! It’s a 30 day campaign with the goal of getting enough backers through pre-orders to fund the first production run. As of this moment, 2 ½ days in, the campaign is 19 % funded with 28 backers (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) and going strong. My plan is to offer an additional color combination if it gets up to 150% funded and to develop a plus-sized branch of the line if we get up to 200%! Here is a video I made about the other color options. I’d love it if you’d watch it and then vote for your favorite down in the article comments! I’ve already had almost 100 votes on Facebook, but I want your opinion too! (I recorded this as a Facebook Live video, so I’m saying “hi” to viewers here and there.)

If you haven’t already checked out my campaign, take a look! I think the most crucial thing about this phase of the game is getting the word out, so when you see those big blue social share buttons about a quarter of the way down the post, I’d be forever grateful if you’d click on one or both and share the project to your network! Another crucial ingredient is media coverage, which has been a real challenge! I’ve sent out hundreds of emails to journalists, bloggers, and stylists. I am honored to say that I have had the opportunity to guest post on several blogs including Ruby for Women Magazine, Kind Over Matter, Her View From Home, Adore Them (and this one, too), and a couple of future articles on Power of Moms. I also have an article coming out in a major print magazine later this month, and once it prints, I’ll show you!

It feels great to get to launch, and the Fall/Winter line is well on it’s way. I can’t wait to show you what is in store!

Thanks for reading, and remember to vote on a third color/print combination!


  • Cynthia Bliss says:

    I hope that you make large size plus sizes. I wear a size 56in bra strap.

    • cozyclothesblog says:

      Hi Cynthia! Thanks so much for your comment! For this first production run, we are offering these sizes:
      S (4/6)
      M (8/10)
      L (12/14)
      XL (16/18)
      XXL (20/22)
      We are planning to develop a Plus Sized Line just as soon as the budget allows (hopefully for the fall/winter line), and we will definitely announce it here and on our Facebook page (@shelfieshoppe).

    • cozyclothesblog says:

      I just reread your comment and think I misunderstood. For our Plus Sized Line, we are hoping to offer 1x, 2x, and 3x, and the sizing will be generous. I think you our 3x will be perfect for you. And we are going to use a specialty grader to develop the patterns rather than just grading up from the XXL so that the proportions such as length and sleeve width make sense for real women. If there is a brand that fits you really well, I’d love some references!

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